Educate U

Healthcare Resource USA is a non-profit organization dedicated to leveraging higher education to facilitate measurable improvements in healthcare outcomes – patient, individual, community, and organizational. We are inspired by the 24/7/365 commitment of healthcare professionals to their patients, organization, and community.

About Our Team


Prospective Students

  • Access to a wide variety of low-cost higher education degree and certificate programs focused on action learning
  • Additional scholarship resources

University Partners

  • Demand generation – business partnerships and marketing
  • Delivery of applications that are ready for an admission decision
  • Assistance with State authorizations, pricing, faculty augmentation and development, and curriculum and program management
  • Marketing and competitive analysis

Healthcare Partners

  • Community healthcare event sponsorship
  • Data analytics and analysis focused on improving educational investment
  • Quality improvement consulting
  • Tuition discounts on outcome-focused nursing and healthcare programs


  • Limited university partnerships. Unlike our competitors, we do not seek multiple university partners competing in the same market space. Our approach is to grow a limited number of non-competing university partners.
  • Laser-like go-to-marketing focus. We focus on programs with high occupational and degree demand and moderate to low competition. This approach provides both parties the best chance of success.
  • Build a strong value proposition. We partner with universities who are willing to design education programs that are outcome-focused (patient, student, and organization). Often this effort focuses on incorporating healthcare partner CMS and community data into program assignments and projects. This effort helps provide a return on education investment to the healthcare organization, improve patient outcomes, and positively impact the community.
  • Partnerships first; marketing second. Every competitor understands how to market and uses the same approach with questionable results. We have reduced this risk through a robust partnership network. Once we start nurturing partnerships to generate enrollments, we will expand to other healthcare facilities in the local market via our strong social media marketing capabilities.
  • First things first. We implement the business agreement first with healthcare organizations and clinical agreement second. Because healthcare organizations have a vested interest in their employees’ success, this approach allows us access to highly-valued preceptors and clinical placement.
  • A commitment to excellence. We are the best at everything we do – from the first point-of contact with a student through graduation.

Our Strength: Unsurpassed Access to Healthcare Professionals

  • 50,000+ pre- and post-acute care organizations, 7,000+ acute care hospitals, and 82 associations
  • Strong working relationships with many of the largest healthcare organizations in the U.S
  • Access to a network of over 60,000 healthcare professionals