Educate U

EducateU is a 501(c) non-profit organization founded on the twin principles of enablement and transparency. EducateU is the parent company of Teacher Resource USA and Healthcare Resource USA. We help connect educators and healthcare professionals to grants, scholarships, and degree programs. Unlike other post-secondary education service providers, EducateU embraces knowledge sharing and knowledge transfer, aiming to make our client institutions and students self-sufficient.

Our mission is to help universities succeed and thrive online – regardless of size, financial resources, or expertise. We connect universities, employers, and students and provide universities early-stage unsurpassed access to the right types of students (those who will graduate and go on to improve patient and student outcomes, their organizations, and society). Through our network, we have access to:

  • Seventy-five percent of the healthcare workers in the United States.
  • Connections with nearly every school district and charter school in the United States giving us access to most K-12 teachers in the U.S.
  • 300,000+ international students intending to study in the U.S. along with 1,485 representatives in other countries.

Partnership nurturing and growth are keys to success.  Our core competencies are data + technology + people.

  • We use data and analytics to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • We build technology that allows us and our partners to scale.
  • We empower partners and team members to leverage systems and processes toward making a greater impact.

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